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Your website
is the representation of your credit union to your members and prospective members, and is a powerful first impression. EPLís web development team works with credit unions to design websites that effectively communicate the credit unionís values, products, and services to their members or potential members. The web development team can create a website to meet your needs; whether itís a website where updates are maintained by EPL or a website that can be maintained by credit union personnel. Along with website development, EPL also offers hosting services that can be packaged with your EPL designed website, or if you already have a website it can be moved to EPL for hosting services. Your web presence is much more than just your website however, and with social networking becoming ever more prevalent, EPL can assist you in helping you understand these various opportunities and in expanding your web presence to include social networking.

This website will show you actual features that we can implement in your website.  Feel free to explore all these features, work with the forms, and then contact us for more information!

Latest Website In the Spotlight!


My Credit Union in Texas has an incredibly unique website. When they contracted with us to redesign their website, they had a specific vision in mind ... they wanted to have a website designed like an iPad that would be called MyPad. So the inside pages of the website became "app" buttons on the main page, and it was an incredibly fun website to put together. This was definitely some thinking outside the box!

Another one of our newest sites is Community CU of Southern Humboldt in California. This was an example of a customer who wanted to keep the site design they already had, so we moved the site to our servers, and made slight enhancements as necessary, and of course, maintain going forward.

My Credit Union's website can be viewed at www.mycutx.com and Community CU of Southern Humboldt County's website is located at www.ccush.org.
"EPL has been a tremendous help and the solution for our website design and maintenance. We had choices and examples to view but, most importantly, we were able to make our own desires for the design part of the final product. It was a natural choice for us: we know EPL (reputation), we trust EPL (experience), and we are truly part of the process (member owned)." - Regina Williams, President/CEO Fraternal Order of Police Credit Union

"We wanted to take it to the next level with our web site and members online experience. With EPLís expert level of skill in design and usability, we were able to provide our members with a premiere experience. A more professional and user friendly interface helps our members find what they need quickly and our new choice of online tools saves time that otherwise may have required a phone call to one of our staff." - Isaaileen Rankin, President/CEO Spartan Federal Credit Union

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