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Who do you call in case of disaster and to get information about the status of KECU?

Credit Union National Emergency Information System

Your league and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) are pleased to provide all credit union members in the United States access to a toll-free number 1-877-CULOCATE (877-285-6228) to receive information about the status of their credit union in the event of a disaster.

The system was developed as a result of the lessons learned from last year's hurricane disasters. The need to communicate with members has been identified by the CUNA Disaster Preparedness Committee as a critical element in planning for any disaster.

CUNA Strategic Services in conjunction with its strategic alliance provider VoiceGard will provide access to a pre-recorded message on the status of each credit union. At the time of a disaster, members will dial the toll-free number (1-877-285-6228) to hear a brief message from their credit union with information on how to contact them or a message that the credit union is not in a crisis situation.

In the event of a disaster in our area, this is the number we will begin publishing to the media for member information. We recognize this will not solve all member communication issues. This system is intended to assist the credit union in delivering a brief update only. Each credit union needs to carefully consider how to communicate with its membership in a disaster situation. We suggest that credit unions also have the ability to redirect their phone lines to an appropriate destination for calls from members and staff.

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